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Budget Beauty: Rose Water Toner


I haven’t done a Budget Beauty piece in a while, I wanted to say thank you to the readers who have been emailing me regarding Budget Beauty. This week, I wanted to introduce rose water toner. I recently tried it after making my own rose water and home about two weeks. Rose water is very popular and also found in many beauty products available on the market. It is known to be a natural astringent as well as preventing wrinkles and shrinking enlarged pores. I have been seeing great results since I first started using it, I have combination skin and from the oiliness that may occur I have a problem with enlarged pores. Here is what you’ll need to make your own rose water:

*One tall pot

*Half of a brick

*Metal Bowl

*Rose Petals


First, place the brick in the pot and place the roses surrounding the brick. Next you will pour water inside of the pot but not the the water will completely cover the brick. After this is done place the metal bowl on top of the brick and cover with a glass lid upside down. Begin to steam, once the steaming begins place ice cubes or ice water on the glass lid. Allow the mixture to boil for about any hour, once you are finish boiling. Remove the metal bowl, the water that is now inside of the bowl will be your rose water. Place inside of a container once it has cool done.


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